Don’t Trowel on Makeup!

Ever get frustrated when you set out to do a task, but don’t have all the proper tools to help you achieve the best possible results? Just think about that when you are applying your makeup. Having the right tools can make all the different in the world, whether you are applying makeup to conceal imperfections or highlighting your assets. So how do you know which ones would best suit your needs? And how do you know which ones that you absolutely cannot live without? Read on to find out about the six make up tool “must-haves”:

1. Makeup Sponges

Many women might use their fingertips to apply their foundation. While there is no real problem with that, sponges are definitely more advantageous. First of all, if you are prone to breakouts, your fingertips might add that extra oil you skin really doesn’t need. Secondly, makeup will stay on your face for more even coverage than if with the fingertips. Plus, blending is easier and less noticeable with a sponge. Triangular shaped sponges work the best to get into the crevices of your face like around your eyes and along your nose. They are also great for blending foundation and other makeup along the jaw or hair lines without any noticeable makeup lines. Sponges can also be reused several times and even washed to prolong its usefulness.

2. Powder Brush

A thick, lush power brush is a necessity in your beauty palette of tools. Most face powders come with a small applicator or powder puff. These devices do not adequately distribute the face powder on your face. The powder brush will help blend the powder and give you control on exactly where you want the powder applied.

3. Eyebrow Brush

Your eyebrows are like the window dressing to your eyes. When your eyebrows are not groomed properly, it is one of the first things people notice. Brushing your eyebrows into a certain shape can help you identify those errant hairs that need plucking. Also, an eyebrow brush can best distribute a little color to your brows in case you have to fill in any “bald” spots or enhance the brow color.

4.Eyelash Curler

This is a tool that is not in many women’s repertoire yet it has the power to really make your eyes pop. The eyelash curler is especially helpful to ladies whose lashes don’t curl up very well. The trick is to briefly heat up the curler with a hair dryer, and then curl the ends of the lashes for several seconds. Once completed, you would follow up with an application of mascara to the lashes to maintain that curl.

5. Eye Shadow Sponge Applicator

Eye shadow can sometimes appear flaky upon application. The eye shadow sponge applicator allows more control over gliding the makeup along your eyelids, thus reducing the chance of powder flakes from escaping. In addition, the use of a sponge applicator allows for easier color blending, especially if you are using a base color on the lower lid along with a highlighting color above it.

6. Foundation or Concealer Brush

Many makeup artists are now swearing by using a thick, densely packed brush to apply foundation. The reasoning is that it gives you a light application of makeup without looking “made up.” It is a great blending tool. Concealer brushes are similar in scope, except have a smaller head for easier manipulation for smaller areas. Even if you don’t wear foundation, you can use it to apply a concealer for dark under eye circles, blemishes or other imperfections.
You can probably “get by” without these six makeup tools. However, when they are available and you add them to your beauty regiment, you will notice a discernable difference in your appearance after your makeup application. Makeup will look more natural on your skin with no noticeable delineations. You will also find that you have cut down your prep time in your beauty routine. Some of these tools can be bought at the dollar store or a pharmacy. However, if you want your beauty tools to last, consider a trip to the department store makeup counter. Sure, these makeup tools will be more expensive, but remember – you are investing in your appearance

Six Important Tips in Makeup Removal

Removing makeup every day is a tricky process as you don’t want to pull or tug the delicate skin around the eyes nor do you want to cause your skin to dry out by using a harsh cleanser and/or makeup remover. Let’s take a look at six important points to keep in mind when removing your makeup each night.

First of all baby shampoo is an excellent way to remove mascara that is resistant to other kinds of removers. Waterproof mascara can be one of the most difficult mascaras to remove as it is designed for staying power and a little bit of baby shampoo applied to a cotton ball or your finger tips should do the tricky nicely. Baby shampoos contain lower concentrations and softer detergents than other shampoos which makes them less irritating to the eye area. Baby shampoo can also be used to remove makeup on the face but use a very small amount as too much can be drying to the skin.

Another option for the removal of waterproof mascara is extra- virgin olive oil. Olive oil is very gentle to the skin and ideal to use in the eye area as it is a natural anti-oxidant and does not contain any harmful substances. All you need to do is apply a few drops to your fingertips, a tissue or a cotton ball, and while keeping your eyes closed massage the eyelashes in a gentle motion until all traces of the mascara are gone. Then use a mild soap or cleanser and water to clean up further.
The majority of cosmetics are oil-soluble which makes baby oil an excellent way to remove all traces of eye makeup, blush, foundation, and concealer and so on. All that is needed is to apply a tiny bit of baby oil to a tissue and then gently wipe it all over your face until the makeup is all gone. After you finish there is no need to use soap of any kind, simply rinse your face with cool water and your skin should feel soft to the touch.
The fourth tip is one that can never be stressed enough- never ever go to bed with your makeup still on! Not only will you stain your pillowcase but also you will be contributing to the clogging of your pores that can lead to acne, breakouts, splotchiness and a host of other potential skin problems. No matter how tired you are, take the time to remove the day’s makeup and grime off of your face and let it breath and regenerate while you sleep!

The fifth tip is to always use a mild makeup remover- nothing harsh or drying to the skin- and never use makeup remover that is specifically for your eyes on other parts of your face. This is particularly important if you suffer from oily skin as this can lead to break outs. Pay attention to what the label says as it specifies these things for a reason!

The sixth tip is to not remove your eye makeup with any kind of cleanser. Keep in mind that the eye area is very sensitive and delicate and you don’t want to injure it in any way or cause an allergic reaction to take place. Also some people are prone to oily eyelids and you don’t want to encourage an overabundance of oil in this area. If oily eyelids are not a problem you might to consider using petroleum jelly (such as Vaseline) to take off your eye makeup but remember to be gentle! Use a tissue or cotton ball to take off your eyeshade and a Q-tip to get rid of the eyeliner.
It’s best to always start by removing your eye makeup first. Always choose a facial cleanser that is meant for your particular skin type and if possible purchase one that has been tested to both breakdown and remove makeup from the face.

All cleansers are not designed for this purpose and some soap as well does not thoroughly remove makeup from the face. Go over your face gently more than once but be as precise as possible. Do the same thing when you rinse, rinse a number of times to remove all traces of both cosmetic and cleanser residue.

Taking Care and Making Perfect Eyebrows

As well as in all sincerity, extremely couple of individuals have a normally ideal eyebrow. There is absolutely nothing like the day after you obtain your eyebrows done, when the inflammation is gone and also you look like you obtained an eye lift.


  • Leave it to Experts: When you are existing back, the service technician could quickly and also equally form your eyebrows in a relaxing, all-natural placement. And also, it sets you back a great deal to go in for an expert shade work or cut however a specialist eyebrow pet grooming is just about $15 to $20.An eyebrow wax or threading could last an excellent month or even more if you maintain the laggers that come in very early at bay with every night tweezing. Some individuals could maintain the form at residence with in your home shaving, also, yet we advise simply making a returning regular monthly (basically depending upon development) quit at the shopping center for a specialist maintenance, specifically if you allow them all expand throughout the month.

    There actually is absolutely nothing as cost-effective in the appeal globe that could make such a radical distinction in your look. You’ll look a lot more assembled as well as really feel gorgeous monthly by this easy dedication to on your own.

  • Keep away from Messy Stick: Getting your eyebrows done does not have to imply shaving. And also, unlike shaving, you do not require to truly expand out your eyebrows so there is adequate hair for the wax to draw as well as stick out so outgrowth is marginal. We’re never ever going back to waxing our eyebrows once again.
  • In-house Maintenance: Once they are done by the expert, you could quickly maintain the form in your home when the laggers begin can be found in. Take a min each evening prior to bed to tweeze out the ones that expand back promptly.
  • Good Tweezers, Perfect Tools: Pass on the buck shop tweezers as well as obtain a Tweezerman. (contrast rates) The affordable tweezers are infamous at damaging the hair rather than drawing it out. You’ll marvel exactly how simple an excellent set of tweezers could take out a hair without damaging it.
  • Stay Away from Brow Trends: Tell me truthfully, did anybody actually like the huge eyebrow appearance of 2011? As well as equally as poor are the barely-there eyebrows. Crazes are simply trends, yet a specialist could take the all-natural form of your eyebrows and also provide the ideal arc.
  • Perfect Brushing: Each early morning, making use of an eyebrow brush or a soft tooth brush, clean your eyebrows right into area. It will certainly take every one of 2 secs as well as will certainly leave them completely positioned. Some individuals advise utilizing clear mascara and even a little hairspray splashed into the tooth brush to maintain them in position all day.
  • Thin Eyebrows: Obtain some mineral make-up that matches your eyebrow shade (shot Mineral Hygienics) as well as a make-up brush made simply for your eyebrows as well as load them in.
  • Highlighter is a Help: Putting a little highlighter right under the arc of your eyebrow will certainly highlight the eyebrow bone, leaving you looking more youthful as well as your eyes looking larger. Super simple having significant outcomes.
  • Shape them right: It’s real, form is one of the most crucial point, every person could take advantage of an eyebrow shaping. When formed, nevertheless, it’s time making them stand out. Right here are some means to obtain a lot more from your eyebrows.Whatever face form you have, there are 3 principles to comply with when it pertains to your eyebrows. MUST CONSIDER;
  1. The head of the eyebrow ought to start at the bridge of your nose. This factor could be quickly discovered by up and down holding a pencil as much as either side of your nose bone.
  2. The arc of your brows need to be concerning two-thirds of the method out. This provides the feared ‘rainbow’ form!
  3. Do not reduce your eyebrows short. You could enable it to expand a little additional as long as that tail does not finish reduced compared to where the head starts (this could make the eyes look sagging).


, if your face is rounded you desire to make certain your eyebrows are extremely angular.. The excellent tilted eyebrow could bring out as well as specify face bone framework that is doing not have or not existing due to the fact that there is an absence of meaning in a rounder face. For rounded faces, a greater arc is complementary.


A square jaw accents the angularity of your face, so gently rounded eyebrows are the means to go. Make certain your eyebrows are not also angular. Beware of making eyebrows show up also rounded; you do not desire to over tweeze and also develop rainbow-shaped eyebrows!


Strong eyebrows are in fashion right now, a heart-shaped face will absolutely desire to guide timid of this pattern. Due to the tiny jaw line and as focusing on the top section of the face, it is vital to maintain eyebrows well-manicured as well as cleanly brushed.


A lengthy face is identified by functions that are up and down extended. In this situation, it is very important to prolong the tails of your eyebrows east-to-west to actually accentuate straight attributes.

I constantly recommend that the tails of eyebrows prolong past the edge of the eye, yet a lengthy face ought to make it a factor for tails to prolong a bit much longer. It is very important to be careful when shaping the tail, nonetheless, as enabling it out as well much will certainly drag the eye down and also make it show up droopy.


A timeless, well balanced eyebrow is ideal for this nice-proportioned face form.

Guide for Office Eye Makeup

You’re clever, gifted and also going areas quick, lady. Do not allow exaggerated makeup looks sidetrack associates as well as superiors from your expert awesomeness. Adhere to these fuss-free work-makeup suggestions for immediate work environment success.

Amy Schumer tackles pop culture’s mixed signals with ‘Girl, You Don’t Need Makeup’

Prior to using cosmetics in the early morning, clean your face to ensure that you’ll have the ability to start with a crisp canvas. Make use of a cleanser or merely sprinkle some warm water throughout your face to remove any type of dead skin on your skin. Rub it completely dry with a towel.

As well as for the remainder of us, we do have a technique to obtain that fab skin! A fast swipe of concealer (velvety ones) over the pesky pimple or marks is sufficient to conceal them.

Use it with your fingers. Factor– the warmth of your fingers aids mix the concealer to provide a all-natural as well as genuine coating.


Go Simple on the Eyeshadow

Slim line of beige eyeshadow as well as a tiny line of black liner is the suitable response to workplace eye makeup. And also, an appearance like hers could make eyes show up buoyant and also awake, an useful makeup method to have on hand round Thursday or Friday. For an appearance like Emma Watson’s, simply be certain to utilize a slim brush!Give some meaning to your appearance by using a kohl or kajal to your reduced cover.

Complete it off by using a charitable layer of mascara. It will certainly open your eyes. And also Ta-da, you’re finished with your eyes!

No Need To Reach Your Brows

This is a challenging appeal planning to manage on the red carpeting, not to mention a workplace with uncomplimentary fluorescent lights. Increasing to the eyebrow line with your eye makeup isn’t really mosting likely to do you any kind of supports, and also it could appear outrageous to your superiors as well as customers.

No Dark Eye Makeup

The last area you have to obtain heavy-handed is the eyes, specifically from 9 to 5. Not just is the smoky, raccoon eye appearance uncomplimentary, yet your managers may ask yourself if it’s remaining from the eve.


Stay Away from Fake Lashes

We do love to have Perfect pointed lashes, yet conserve the artificial lashes for Saturday evening. Could you picture if a couple of diminished mid meeting? To prevent the exaggerated eye makeup appearance; as you use the mascara from eyelids to tip, turn the brush. This will certainly make lashes divided and also longer appearance.

Perfect Tone of Face

There is a great line in between bronzed and also burned orange, and also it’s not one we advise going across at the workplace unless you wish to be called “that pumpkin lady” amongst associates. Leave the appeal explores bleaches, self-tanners and so forth for the weekend break, in instance something goes amiss.Apply a matte bronzer like Benefit’s Hoola with a huge makeup brush, for a refined, office-appropriate coating.

Job makeup suggestion: Master the attractive faux-glow makeup appearance.

Complete with Subtle Lip Stick

Tuck away a quite, pinkish neutral lip shade in your work desk cabinet. For a comparable color, attempt L’Oréal Colour Juice Sheer Juicy Lip Gloss in Bubble Gum.There are also lots of very pinks as well as naked lipsticks out there to go the frozen, milky path. This kind of lip shade does absolutely nothing yet clean out your face, as well as it could look a little young– not to point out disruptive– in a specialist setup.

Last Words:

  • No have to fake-bake or test-drive any kind of complexion-changing appeal item on weekdays.
  • When putting on makeup is that you extremely appropriately require to select the tones as well as shades, the really initial point you require to bear in mind. You need to identify on your own with makeup from workplace and also various other locations you go out with family and friends.
  • See to it is lengthy long-term, since at the office location you would not truly have time to provide repair.
  • Ensure it is likewise water evidence and also has reduced upkeep. It would certainly be suitable to touchups (simply incase for conferences outside the workplace) in 5 to 10 mins, as opposed to 30 to 35 mins.
  • Attempt investing in makeup from brand names that are of excellent quality as well as do not create any type of allergies.
  • Maintain in mind to cover your dark circles appropriately with a concealer, therefore brightening your eye location, instead compared to making your appearance drowsy.
  • Ensure to not look cakey. Simply maintain basic makeup for workplace as well as it actually improves your charm.
  • Maintain your self as well as your skin hydrated. Moisturized skin will certainly stay clear of the makeup fractures and also over smudging.
  • Prevent relocating as well as around severe temperature levels that might hurt the skin.
  • Consuming normal water will certainly additionally aid you equilibrium and also preserve your skin health and wellness.
  • Constantly lug blotting wipes in your bag.
  • Prepare your makeup an evening before to prevent complication in the early morning.
  • Crinkle your lashes prior to using mascara.
  • Run an item of freeze on your lips prior to using lip gloss in order to help the shade last throughout the day.